Monday, May 3, 2010

Castle Crashers

Last night we finished our second play-through of Castle Crashers, and began a truly hilarious group setup. We're thugs, but more importantly, we're pointy-headed folk.

Current setup:
Goldfire as The Boss (Playing Industrialist)
Gauntlet as The Serious One (Playing Conehead)
Ethertide as The Mumbling Minion (Playing Thief)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sitting at Work

Building our current project. I sincerely hope that I can catch up to where I'm supposed to be within the next week.

As is, I'm not pleased with my progress for tomorrow's milestone .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random WoW Stuff.

Impromptu Dance Party!
Bear druids have the best dance parties.

New Challengers Have Arrived!
The Celestia Sisters. Blood Elf Paladins all.
Asterria the damage, the non-conformist older sister.
Solarria the tank, a bit of a flirt.
And Lunarria the holy, keeper of bloodthistle.

But How Are The Rest?
Parrista and Knigett are geared for heroics.
Jillien reached 80 tonight.
Strael and Contrae are taking advantage of the new dungeon-finding system.
And Strael also became an Ambassador, Crusader, and of Thunder Bluff in one fell swoop.

Also, we've lured a friend from another realm who actually plays with regularity.