Thursday, September 20, 2007

Exciting Times!!

Coperiana and Laheth are both 70!
We did some neat things... Got some fun stuff... Made some new friends...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There and Almost There

My wife has hit 70 with her main. I'm at 69, and have a little more than 2 bubbles left.

I'll let her talk about her 70, or I'll take some pretty screenshots and make a big hullaballoo about it once I hit the cap as well.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Burning the Bloody Hills... the begining

So we are starting another new game in Burning Wheel... Exciting times! It is a combination of generic B horror films, Castlevania, and classic Romanian culture surrounding the real Count. We are calling the area in game the Bloody Hills. All based on the in game local history of the Red King and the battles fought in the area to try and take over... However, the legend goes that if you conquer the castle, you claim the kingdom. Entire armies have gone in trying... None have been heard from again.

This is actually the first game where me and Gauntlet actually play husband and wife. We have always tried to keep the personal stuff out of games so we don't make our friends uncomfortable or change the feel of the game... Slightly different group of players and we stated upfront that this is what we wanted to do. I hope it works out well since we are hoping this will be a long running game.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Updates while Building

World of Warcraft
  • Vandren (and Sutcha) got new stuff - Vandren's outfit was updated to be pretty close to his level, thanks to my wonderful wife and her (now level 60!) hunter Sonnik. Also, Vandren hit 24.
  • Ashcraft ran around with Belgore the Voidwalker and hit 22.
  • The Paladin Triplets are playing in Un'goro Crater, and are between 48 and 49 now.
  • Untraining a leatherworking specialty costs 100 gold!? Crazy.
  • Strael is getting close to 40... so very close. A few more sessions and he should get his mount, which will alleviate some of the issues with playing as him (Aspect of the Cheetah spoiled me).
  • I'm not allowed to make a dwarf, because my character slots on our preferred server are full. Which is probably a good thing, since I'd be making a class I already have 1 or 2 of (Because he'd have to be a hunter or a paladin, more likely a hunter). Maybe when I hit 70 I'll drop one of my two rogues who sit at 21 and hold things in their banks, inventory, and mailboxes for everybody else.

Other Stuff
  • We're getting a 360! Yay!
  • Earth Defense Force 2017 is a hilarious game.
  • I love adventure games. And I appreciate those who continue to make them.
  • For the next book I read, I have to decide between a Mercedes Lackey/Piers Anthony book, the next Wild Cards volume, or re-reading some more Discworld stuff. Tough decision.
  • My build is done - back to work.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tusk the Tank

Last night my wife and I (running as Coperiana and Laheth) put together a pick-up-group to take down Durn the Hungerer and Major Jerk. Our three other members were a Priest (Holy) Mage (Frost), a Paladin (Not sure, but not protection Holy) and a Rogue (probably something to do with DPS).

Our first attempt was premature - one person asked if everybody was ready, another said yes, and they ran at him, without being blessed or waiting for anybody else. Also, Gava'xi the Bandaged Jerk came by and stabbed the hell out of my wife after he broke free from his ice trap I dropped when I first saw him coming.

Our second attempt was having the Paladin tank... when it got dicey he bubbled and then the rogue went splat, followed by everybody else.

Our third attempt was hilarious and worked - we buffed, we waited for him to come to us (away from all aggressive creatures), and then we had Tusk the Handsome Boar attack him and tank him. He never lost aggro, and he had a priest and restoration druid and mend pet healing him constantly.

I've never been more proud of him :)

Edits: My lovely wife remembered what the people in the party were. Color me attentive :)