Monday, January 28, 2008

Ooh. Shiny.

Redone, using the WoW Armory official links.

Parrista and Knigett:

Strael and Contrae:

The Celestia Sisters:

What to talk about?

Haven't been playing WoW recently, and that's mostly what I talk about here...
...been working: Just hit a milestone last week.
...been playing 360: We ran through Marvel Ultimate Alliance over the weekend. Goldfire ran as Thor and Ms. Marvel, while I used Deadpool (and occasionally Spiderman) and best-friend ran as Thing.
...beat Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright: And Justice For All recently. That was fun. Now it's on to Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Looks good thus far, but I'm always a fan of going back and exploring more information about characters that I like.
...role-playing hasn't happened in a while, due to Work and Holidays and Football and More Work.

Yeah. I should go back to jotting down ideas to talk about and then writing about them, although I'm sure everybody (all 3 of you) who visit here love hearing about games I've played recently :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi Internet!

How's it going? Pretty good, you say? That's nice.

Oh? You want to know what I'm up to? Just working and waiting for my build to finish so I can see if I broke everything. Looking forward to lunch in half an hour, where we will continue our quest to save that Dyluck guy in Secret of Mana. Also, thinking about WoW and role-playing and listening to Jonathan Coulton.

Also, thinking that I should totally link to Scott Campbell again (despite him being linked on the side-bar) just because he has this picture on his blog:
How awesome is that? Very, that's how.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Next Wednesday

Laheth has his flying mount, marking the first time I've been able to go airborne on my account.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goals Are Fun

I tend to accomplish more if I write stuff down and pursue it. So I'm going to do that. For video games.

Mega Man ZX:
Game completion. Play while Goldfire is ahead of me in Mass Effect with major spoilers all the time.

Mass Effect:
Complete next story segment so that the wife doesn't explode with wanting to tell me about it.

World of Warcraft:
Run Ramparts again with Strael and Contrae and a pick-up group. No real reason, other than to see it without the idiocy (yes, PUGing to be less stupid)... and to get that stupid letter that I forgot to pick up (I think dude's corpse was under his dragon).

Farm (bleagh) for a few things with Laheth: Money for flying mount; Honor and Marks for more gear.

Train up Engineering (Strael) and Leatherworking (Laheth). Laheth needs some high-level gear stuff, and Strael needs to get closer to being able to make his zoom-o-copter.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Xbox Live Problems

It's always sad when Xbox Live has issues. I like being able to check on my wife's progress in Mass Effect via her Gamertag while I'm waiting for things to happen (building, downloading, et al).

Oh well. At least I can watch her progress on my Friends page, if not her actual profile.

Incoming Patch

Double Trapping is Back, Baby. Woo!

And faster pet leveling? Guess that means I'll boost Daybreak up to 70 sometime!

There's probably some other cool stuff that isn't hunter-related, but I'll check that later.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ranting (WoW)

Note: Explicit Lyrics

Why the fuck does anybody camp a corpse? Stop being an asshole and go do something else if a person doesn't respawn in a few minutes. You frustrate my wife and you piss me off.
NOTE: If you're 6+ levels higher than your target then you're not just an asshole, you're a bully. Nobody ever liked the bullies in school. You do know that, don't you? You're the guy who has to reform after a couple years so that you can accomplish anything worthwhile in life.

Assuming Shared Etiquette/Loot-Rules
State what the rules are prior to when they are going to be used. Some people do use the built-in Need/Greed rules even for Bind on Pickup. If you Need it, you fucking click the Need button.
I'm fine using other systems, but don't you get on your damned high fucking horse and yell at my wife for making your own damned assumptions. And if you are the only one pissed off, and everybody else is trying to explain it to you/calm the situation down, and you refuse to listen? Up Yours.


Occasionally you may read me mentioning that somebody seems to have mittens. I am, in no uncertain terms, saying that they are slow in the brain.

These are the kind of people that have mittens attached to their sleeves year-round.


A Ramparts run should not involve:
3 deaths in the first 3 pulls.
Over an hour of time spent.
A near 100% failure rate on trapping.

We ran it with our hunter friend and 2 of his guild-mates. In total, we had a Protection Paladin (being the healer) played by myself, a Beast Master hunter (as the only crowd-control), and three Demonology Warlocks (one of which was played by my wife).

At the end of the run, we (Goldfire and myself) disbanded from their group and logged off. It wasn't fun, and I have no remorse for those who upset my wife.

Seriously, I need to send my hunter friend a couple pieces of strategy (kiting, trapping with positioning in mind, chain-trapping) and I also need to explain about mittens, because this group had 'em.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two Thousand And Eight

What I did over Christmas Break
by Gauntlet

Over Christmas break, I did lots of fun and enjoyable things.

We went to Leavenworth, and bought cheese and fudge. It was snowy and I got a hot chocolate.

We went to Deatholme with our mid-20s hunter and mage and wrecked the place up for our low-20s paladin friend.

The wife and I rented Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for free (because our Hollywood Video likes to rent us super-scratched movies that we have no hope of viewing) and got 980/1000 gamer points in 5 days. That's everything except playing it online, since neither of us wants to pony up the cash for Gold memberships since it's pointless right now to us.

We went to my brothers and the wife and sister-in-law made Christmas Kringle on Christmas Eve. It was tasty and I liked it.

At our friend's for New Year's Eve we played Rock Band on the PS3. Drumming is hard, and I can't sing along with The Hives very well. Main Offender didn't sound the same as on CD, so I'll have to look into that.

In short (although you've already gone through all the long to get here), vacation was fun.