Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hi everyone!! Remember me?

I feel kinda bad that I have not posted in a very long time.

So as my loving husband mentioned a few posts ago... Sonnik & Strael joined a new guild. A very active guild. This has turned into a very time consuming activity. I never realized how many requirements go into playing the end game. When my other characters hit lvl 60 pre BC, I just stopped playing them and played a new character. I've never been around the vast opportunity of all that end game content.
I've also never really had purples before. (I got the Leigh of Lillys from Sunken Temple) Other than that... one run thru Kara and I got a completely new outfit!!
I finally followed around a group who killed all the guys needed so I got access to Ogre'la. Enter dailys.... never did any of those either. Now with the 2.4 patch... You'll never see me again. All that daily work to rebuild the sun well?? I can't wait to participate. Course its patch day which means all the servers are off line... sad times.

[WoW] Quick Post 2

Still haven't gotten around to a more meaty post, and it will probably take some more time. We have another build due out tomorrow, so I'll be staying late both today and then. Which is a shame, since 2.4 hit.

Quick Notes!
  • Sonnik has cool stuff from Karazahn. She had a very nice run.
  • Strael and Contrae are either very near to 67 or at it. Hooray!
  • [2.4] I look forward to respeccing to a better tanking spec without having to repurchase skills.
  • [2.4] Sunwell Plateau comma woot.
  • From the hearsay, I need to grind some Battlegrounds with Laheth or else I won't be able to finish the S1 Arena gear, since when S4 hits it will disappear. Sad times.
Right. Back to work before lunch. Lunchtime gaming was N+ last week, and is Army of Two this week.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

[WoW] Quick Post

No meaty post yet - I'm too sleepy for that.

Sonnik can now enter Karazahn. Hopefully she'll get her hit rating up a little higher and then get invited on a run sometime.

Strael is level 65, and is trying a new talent spec. Shifted a couple things around... still not super-pleased with it, but I'm going to hold off on respeccing him again until 2.4 hits, because re-purchasing all the prot skill upgrades hurts. I'm bad enough at saving up cash that I don't want to drain it on respecs right now.

*Yawn* Back to work.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[WoW] So much to talk about

Brief run-down, with more in-depth posting coming soon:
  • Vandren (my Belf Hunter) and Jillien (Goldfire's Belf Mage) broke off of our old and pretty much empty guild and formed a new one with just friends. The new guild is named Red Moon Requiem, which is a name with quite a few meanings wrapped up in it.
  • Strael and Contrae are finishing up Zangarmarsh... ran Slave Pens and Underbog (which I kept calling Underblog, because I'm hilarious).
  • Strael and Sonnik joined up with another, and very active, guild (Angst) to try and do some high-end content. Our in was my good friend Mightbe, and his sometimes holy, sometimes prot paladin Flowana.
  • Sonnik is only one Black Morass run away from being Karattuned. She finished up Durnholde last night.
  • We've been playing pretty hard-core even for us recently. I'm hoping that it isn't going to burn us out, since I know Goldfire is really looking forward to trying her hand at a raid, and I would love the opportunity to try tanking in end-game situations.
  • Also, Strael is 325+ Engineering. Getting closer to his roflcopter. And the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor is happiness in one tiny item.
  • And finally - I need to research and ramble about talent specs and gear.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Woo, LEGO!

I am ridiculously looking forward to both LEGO Indiana Jones: The Video Game and LEGO Batman: The Video Game.

The only real issue? Both are coming out this year, and we have had a 3-year streak of playing the LEGO Star Wars games over Christmas break.

So, since Batman will be out in September, that'll probably be our Christmas game. I'm thinking of seeing if we can play Indy the middle of this year around my birthday potentially, but we'll see how it goes.