Monday, October 29, 2007

Thoughts while Driving

So, I always tend to think of things that I could blog while I'm driving to or from work, and never manage to actually pen them down (as it were). Here's some of the things I've thought about, which maybe I'll hit up sometime when my wife isn't sick and I'm not trying to get things back together after a week's vacation:

1) Theory on co-operation in video games
2) Thoughts on multiplayer coding (although this will probably have to wait until much later, or not happen at all, since it crosses into the territory of "stuff I do at work that I'm not supposed to talk about".
3) We don't have kids, but thinking ahead about teaching them math as a more abstract concept (using the Chisan-bopp method, however it's spelled, for counting on your fingers)
4) My thoughts on random games that I've played, want to play, or am playing.

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