Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ran Gnomeregan with our Draenei tonight... just finished (it's a little after 4 AM). We only had 4 people (the 3 draenei and our friend who was running a 37 Warrior and then swapped to a 44 Pally for the final boss). Until we got to the final guy, we hadn't wiped, although we weren't going super-fast or anything.

But man... once we got there? Everything fell apart. So, we had one person hop out and fix their equipment, and we died a few times rushing out to summon them (bad idea - sleepy, impatient, and unwary), and we had our friend swap to the paladin then as well.
Once we had the paladin, it went pretty well, but the bombs still knocked us out. What a pain in the ass encounter to get to when you're in the 27-30 range... which can easily take out the rest of the place.

Now I'm just rambling... so I'll wrap this up: Djellin is 29 (and a healthy half!), she's got new shoulderpads, new pants, new gloves, a new sword, and a new shield that she'll use in a few levels once she's able.

And a final note? Playing WoW with a party of 4 in the same room is great fun.


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