Friday, April 25, 2008

[WoW] The Plan - Interrupted Progress

The Interruptions
We hit beta at work and Goldfire started her new job.

The Tank
Strael ran Karazhan, off-tanking and very off-healing... at level 68. He has some cool gear now for an okay healing set when he hits 70, and has some Badges of Justice to be saved as well. Unfortunately, the guild-mates were unable to be talked into bringing two level 68s, so Contrae and him were separated for a bit, which was very sad times.

The Healer
Parrista and Knigett two-manned Ragefire Chasm at 17/20, which isn't a huge feat, but it was one of our unwritten goals to help us learn our swapped roles.
They also finished up everything in the Ghostlands with the exception of Dar'kahn and his Lieutenants.

The Friends
We ran Scarlet Monastery. Completely. It was pretty fun, although there were a few issues.

The Alliance
Laheth purchased most of the new PvP rep-gear (not high enough to get the hat or the chestpiece, and I'm quite happy with his current head-gear). Also picked up a cheap Crystalforged Waraxe, and threw a tabard on him to cover up his red chest. He looks halfway decent now, which is a big deal for him.

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