Thursday, September 13, 2007

Burning the Bloody Hills... the begining

So we are starting another new game in Burning Wheel... Exciting times! It is a combination of generic B horror films, Castlevania, and classic Romanian culture surrounding the real Count. We are calling the area in game the Bloody Hills. All based on the in game local history of the Red King and the battles fought in the area to try and take over... However, the legend goes that if you conquer the castle, you claim the kingdom. Entire armies have gone in trying... None have been heard from again.

This is actually the first game where me and Gauntlet actually play husband and wife. We have always tried to keep the personal stuff out of games so we don't make our friends uncomfortable or change the feel of the game... Slightly different group of players and we stated upfront that this is what we wanted to do. I hope it works out well since we are hoping this will be a long running game.

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