Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tusk the Tank

Last night my wife and I (running as Coperiana and Laheth) put together a pick-up-group to take down Durn the Hungerer and Major Jerk. Our three other members were a Priest (Holy) Mage (Frost), a Paladin (Not sure, but not protection Holy) and a Rogue (probably something to do with DPS).

Our first attempt was premature - one person asked if everybody was ready, another said yes, and they ran at him, without being blessed or waiting for anybody else. Also, Gava'xi the Bandaged Jerk came by and stabbed the hell out of my wife after he broke free from his ice trap I dropped when I first saw him coming.

Our second attempt was having the Paladin tank... when it got dicey he bubbled and then the rogue went splat, followed by everybody else.

Our third attempt was hilarious and worked - we buffed, we waited for him to come to us (away from all aggressive creatures), and then we had Tusk the Handsome Boar attack him and tank him. He never lost aggro, and he had a priest and restoration druid and mend pet healing him constantly.

I've never been more proud of him :)

Edits: My lovely wife remembered what the people in the party were. Color me attentive :)


Goldfire said...

Actually it was a frost mage and a holy paladin... ^_^

Gauntlet said...