Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Updates while Building

World of Warcraft
  • Vandren (and Sutcha) got new stuff - Vandren's outfit was updated to be pretty close to his level, thanks to my wonderful wife and her (now level 60!) hunter Sonnik. Also, Vandren hit 24.
  • Ashcraft ran around with Belgore the Voidwalker and hit 22.
  • The Paladin Triplets are playing in Un'goro Crater, and are between 48 and 49 now.
  • Untraining a leatherworking specialty costs 100 gold!? Crazy.
  • Strael is getting close to 40... so very close. A few more sessions and he should get his mount, which will alleviate some of the issues with playing as him (Aspect of the Cheetah spoiled me).
  • I'm not allowed to make a dwarf, because my character slots on our preferred server are full. Which is probably a good thing, since I'd be making a class I already have 1 or 2 of (Because he'd have to be a hunter or a paladin, more likely a hunter). Maybe when I hit 70 I'll drop one of my two rogues who sit at 21 and hold things in their banks, inventory, and mailboxes for everybody else.

Other Stuff
  • We're getting a 360! Yay!
  • Earth Defense Force 2017 is a hilarious game.
  • I love adventure games. And I appreciate those who continue to make them.
  • For the next book I read, I have to decide between a Mercedes Lackey/Piers Anthony book, the next Wild Cards volume, or re-reading some more Discworld stuff. Tough decision.
  • My build is done - back to work.

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