Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Azeroth: Chores and Desires

So, I've started playing WoW more regularly again.

On Sunday the Starrl*as finished up their Timbermaw Hold grind, ran into Winterspring, and are almost done with their Linken's Boomerang quest chain. Fun times, but a lot to cram into one day.

Last night I blew the dust off Laheth and took him into Skettis to do his first Skettis Skyguard quests. It was actually pretty frustrating... I ended up dying a couple times trying to kill those named ghost bird-men and had to grab another set of dust to finish it off, because I got caught with about 5 adds and couldn't jump off a damn bridge to get to safety. Seriously, it's a bridge, and it looks like I should be able to jump over the stupid rope, but I couldn't.

Busting those eggs up was alright, except that there were at least three other people in the area doing the same dang thing. I think I'll go back and finish up Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley quests next time if there is going to be overlap.

Also! Desires, like it says at the top of the post: I want to get the full set of Gladiators armor, but I'm going to not push for it until 2.4 hits... just because the lack of diminishing returns on honor (and being able to use it immediately) is going to help my peace of mind so much more. It sucked playing a bunch of matches where we were getting rolled until I had enough potential honor (with a generous buffer of a couple thousand extra) only to learn the next day that even with the buffer my actual honor was a few hundred short. That's what I get for trying to play defense -- screwed over.

Right, got sidetracked. Summary: Gladiator Set is the goal. I have the shoulders already, and I have 48 AV tokens, 3 WSG tokens, and 3 EotS tokens in my bank. I think I need about a hojillion of all of them to grab the shtuff, and then I'll look into weapons and rings and all that jazz, because I should seriously upgrade my Survivalist's Pike by now, although my Lohn'goron and Valanos bows are pretty nice.

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