Friday, February 29, 2008

Azeroth: Progress is Made

Chimmery and Tremmery, the gnomish brothers, have come out of retirement and run around making little power-boat noises. Apparently, a day's worth of questing (I was sick at home for part of this week) was enough to get both of them up to legal driving age, and they now possess a pair of Red Mechanostriders, which is awesome.

In addition, Sonnik braved the wilds of Netherstorm and achieved her final level before Northrend. A quick hop to Shattrath and following directions from there and she is terrorizing the skies of Outland on an Official Horde-Approved Wyvern Flying Mount.

And finally, the paladin firm of Starrlia, Starrlya and Starrlea has been methodically clearing the Plaguelands of the undead. They've started at the Western edge and are hoping to reach the Eastern area soon.

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