Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Me

Wednesday - Get hit by car.

Since then:
Thursday - Took the day off. Went out and had a lovely dinner date with my wife. Steak dinner is very nice, especially when discounted via gift cards ;)

Friday - Got a ride in to work from my producer, and got a ride home from my best friend. Hung out and chatted, then went to sleep. SUPER EXCITING DAY TO READ ABOUT.

Saturday - Played WoW. Broke a thousand gold with Laheth (Yay! 1/5th of the way to the epic flying mount skill), although I'm running out of non-daily solo quests to do. Then had some friends come by and with our combined might we went out and purchased Rock Band. Tested it out to make sure it worked, and then watched Stardust, which was a fantastic movie.

Sunday - Played Eve Online with friends. It was the equivalent of a fishing trip: We were looking for macro-farmers or gankers and we were going to try our hand at giving them a hard time. Not very altruistic, but it would have been entertaining enough. Unfortunately, we found nothing for hours upon hours and then had to run away from a guy who was way better than us at fighting. That was pretty much all that happened on Sunday. It's a good thing I'd already decided I didn't care enough about the game to continue past the trial period.

Monday - Played Rockband. All day. Sang for half the time, and my awesome wife played guitar. Then we swapped instruments. Managed to get Bodyguards, a PR Firm, and got inducted into the Hall of Fame. Then we checked out the online community site, and came away with dissatisfaction. Seriously, it should give us the option of generating wallpapers or something, I don't know.

Ongoing - I am sore. Ankle, shoulders, sometimes my arms, and my neck. Mostly my neck. It means I need to turn my head less than usual, and sleep on my back with pillows propping me up. Bah.

Today - At work, working.

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