Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hi everyone!! Remember me?

I feel kinda bad that I have not posted in a very long time.

So as my loving husband mentioned a few posts ago... Sonnik & Strael joined a new guild. A very active guild. This has turned into a very time consuming activity. I never realized how many requirements go into playing the end game. When my other characters hit lvl 60 pre BC, I just stopped playing them and played a new character. I've never been around the vast opportunity of all that end game content.
I've also never really had purples before. (I got the Leigh of Lillys from Sunken Temple) Other than that... one run thru Kara and I got a completely new outfit!!
I finally followed around a group who killed all the guys needed so I got access to Ogre'la. Enter dailys.... never did any of those either. Now with the 2.4 patch... You'll never see me again. All that daily work to rebuild the sun well?? I can't wait to participate. Course its patch day which means all the servers are off line... sad times.

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