Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[WoW] So much to talk about

Brief run-down, with more in-depth posting coming soon:
  • Vandren (my Belf Hunter) and Jillien (Goldfire's Belf Mage) broke off of our old and pretty much empty guild and formed a new one with just friends. The new guild is named Red Moon Requiem, which is a name with quite a few meanings wrapped up in it.
  • Strael and Contrae are finishing up Zangarmarsh... ran Slave Pens and Underbog (which I kept calling Underblog, because I'm hilarious).
  • Strael and Sonnik joined up with another, and very active, guild (Angst) to try and do some high-end content. Our in was my good friend Mightbe, and his sometimes holy, sometimes prot paladin Flowana.
  • Sonnik is only one Black Morass run away from being Karattuned. She finished up Durnholde last night.
  • We've been playing pretty hard-core even for us recently. I'm hoping that it isn't going to burn us out, since I know Goldfire is really looking forward to trying her hand at a raid, and I would love the opportunity to try tanking in end-game situations.
  • Also, Strael is 325+ Engineering. Getting closer to his roflcopter. And the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor is happiness in one tiny item.
  • And finally - I need to research and ramble about talent specs and gear.

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