Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[WoW] Quick Post 2

Still haven't gotten around to a more meaty post, and it will probably take some more time. We have another build due out tomorrow, so I'll be staying late both today and then. Which is a shame, since 2.4 hit.

Quick Notes!
  • Sonnik has cool stuff from Karazahn. She had a very nice run.
  • Strael and Contrae are either very near to 67 or at it. Hooray!
  • [2.4] I look forward to respeccing to a better tanking spec without having to repurchase skills.
  • [2.4] Sunwell Plateau comma woot.
  • From the hearsay, I need to grind some Battlegrounds with Laheth or else I won't be able to finish the S1 Arena gear, since when S4 hits it will disappear. Sad times.
Right. Back to work before lunch. Lunchtime gaming was N+ last week, and is Army of Two this week.

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