Monday, November 12, 2007

Battlegrounds and Me

Arathi Basin
Available at level 10. 5 capture points which also function as graveyards. While any point is captured, points are being awarded. First to 2000 points is the victor. On our battlegroup it's usually the Horde.

I played it some today with Laheth, because I want the Arena 1 shoulders (they look super-rad) but I'm still seriously lacking AB tokens and I'm only running around with 5000+ honor.

Verdict: Still not much fun, and today the second match was filled with whiners. We won, but anybody reading the battlegrounds chat lost.

Warsong Gulch
Capture the flag. Not much else to say.

I used to love WSG. It's the only battleground I've played with friends (and against once), and it helps showcase each class (IMO). Unfortunately, I stopped enjoying it as much once mounts were introduced. There was just something about having to run. It meant each encounter needed to be handled better. Or something.

Alterac Valley
Go kill the enemy leader guy. Also, capture some places so you can resurrect and so the opposition is weaker, but only if you feel like it.

Honestly, I'm a fan. We'll see if I still like it post 2.3, but I really enjoyed just running along in a Raid group and smooshing NPCs (and the occasional player when we saw them). This might be partly because I don't raid... but there wasn't a whole lot of strategy involved in AV either: go forward and kill the way you do best. Teamwork was sort of coincidence. That's something I'll talk about more when I babble about co-operative game design.

Also, every guy is worth honor points, and so are objectives, so you actually get a decent amount relative to how much crap costs.

Eye of the Storm
What happens if we cross Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch, but put it in the Outlands? There's a flag in the center and you take it to one of the captureable objective points. Honestly can't remember if it was a point-based system with the flag counting as some amount of points or not.

Played it a few times and encountered zero opposition. Seriously. We had a game fail because the other side quit. That's pretty damn bad. Plus - nowhere near as much honor gained as Alterac Valley.

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