Saturday, November 3, 2007

Holiday Stuff!

Thanksgiving is not yet arrived, and already we're looking towards Christmas. There's a holiday bazaar going on at the high school a few blocks away, so we're going to hit that up and see what they got... right after we start the background downloader for WoW, start installing Pirates of the Caribbean Online on my wife's machine, and have the soup be all cookin' (which it is!).

Here's what we need (non-gift-wise) for Christmas:
  • Something visible in our house from outside
  • Maybe something for the wall on the stairwell
  • To clean up some of our (read: my) junk that is cluttering the surfaces downstairs
And now, I'm going to pay some bills and put my socks'n'shoes on.

Perhaps I'll talk about Pirates tomorree. How's that sound?

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