Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Thus far, after a few hours of messing around, I like the 2.3 changes.

UI improvements? Fantastic!

Daily Play Battlegrounds quest? I played a match of Arathi Basin that didn't suck, and we won!

Guild Bank? Looks pretty, but we haven't set it up yet so I didn't get to poke and prod and use it. Right now our plan is to use it for passing items without the 1 hour delay (if we need to), or to store stacks of things that everybody uses (potions and such).

Multiple Items in a single piece of mail? Hooray! Now I can clutter my alts mailboxes that much easier!

Leatherworking Bags? Finally.

Shiny Clickies? So much easier to find herbs.

Anything else? Haven't seen it, or didn't know that I did.

Hopefully I'll have some time to group tonight.

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