Thursday, November 8, 2007

Looking forward to 2.3

So, as we're all aware, patch 2.3 is supposed to hit next week and be totally sweet.

And since I love making lists and planning on stuff to do (even if I only intend on using said plans as guidelines)... have at ye, blackguard!

The Alts:
This patch is totally alt-city. I mean... improved experience? New mid-level content? Hooray!
  • Chimmery -- Clocking in at the low 30s, this tiny marvel of magic gets to blink hisself around with his brother Tremmery and check out the new sights and old swampiness of the Dustwallow Marsh area. Should be fantastic.
  • Ashcraft -- I admit it: I want to play my 'lock again after watching my wife run around and DoT everything to hell and back. Plus, having just gotten my shiny pony with my paladin, and I think having a horse on fire sounds like fun times.
  • Djellin -- We're still working towards our toys, so we'll probably throw down with the shaman/warrior combo meal and get there faster. After we've gnomed it up though.
  • Vandren -- Go go lower hunter! You're the lowest of the top listed for choice of play though.
  • And the Rest: While I'd like to play my rogues a little bit I just don't care enough to change them from being bank alts. And my super-tiny druid will wait until the wife has interest.

The Mains:
2.3 means some changes that'll affect all 3 of my main characters... let's go over them.
  • Laheth -- No deadzone! Yay! Now if only I had stuff to do other than farm. I guess there are instances and gearing towards raids, but there is no way I'm that social. It'll wait until some of our friends hit 70 as well. However, he will need to upgrade his quiver and leatherworking stuff (24 slot bag! Want!). I do want a flying mount, but farming for cash is not my thing.
  • Starrlia -- She's still in the range of experience bonus, so we'll probably group and try to hit 60. Plus we'll need to see if the changes I'm just about to talk about for Strael benefit our group.
  • Strael -- My blood elf pally is retribution spec. So... he's going to need a respec and then I'm going to have to see how that is. Also: we're having a lot of fun playing with our Horde group (we added a warrior friend last night) so we'll probably keep doing that.

And Finally, Our Guild:
  • Our friends-only Alliance guild will need to figure out what we're doing with the new guild bank. I hope to offload some of the materials I have, but the wife and I (she's the leader and I'm co-leader) will need to come up with a plan of action.

There. I used the WoW prompt of the day. Happy now, TJ?

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