Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two Thousand And Eight

What I did over Christmas Break
by Gauntlet

Over Christmas break, I did lots of fun and enjoyable things.

We went to Leavenworth, and bought cheese and fudge. It was snowy and I got a hot chocolate.

We went to Deatholme with our mid-20s hunter and mage and wrecked the place up for our low-20s paladin friend.

The wife and I rented Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for free (because our Hollywood Video likes to rent us super-scratched movies that we have no hope of viewing) and got 980/1000 gamer points in 5 days. That's everything except playing it online, since neither of us wants to pony up the cash for Gold memberships since it's pointless right now to us.

We went to my brothers and the wife and sister-in-law made Christmas Kringle on Christmas Eve. It was tasty and I liked it.

At our friend's for New Year's Eve we played Rock Band on the PS3. Drumming is hard, and I can't sing along with The Hives very well. Main Offender didn't sound the same as on CD, so I'll have to look into that.

In short (although you've already gone through all the long to get here), vacation was fun.

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