Monday, January 7, 2008


A Ramparts run should not involve:
3 deaths in the first 3 pulls.
Over an hour of time spent.
A near 100% failure rate on trapping.

We ran it with our hunter friend and 2 of his guild-mates. In total, we had a Protection Paladin (being the healer) played by myself, a Beast Master hunter (as the only crowd-control), and three Demonology Warlocks (one of which was played by my wife).

At the end of the run, we (Goldfire and myself) disbanded from their group and logged off. It wasn't fun, and I have no remorse for those who upset my wife.

Seriously, I need to send my hunter friend a couple pieces of strategy (kiting, trapping with positioning in mind, chain-trapping) and I also need to explain about mittens, because this group had 'em.

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