Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goals Are Fun

I tend to accomplish more if I write stuff down and pursue it. So I'm going to do that. For video games.

Mega Man ZX:
Game completion. Play while Goldfire is ahead of me in Mass Effect with major spoilers all the time.

Mass Effect:
Complete next story segment so that the wife doesn't explode with wanting to tell me about it.

World of Warcraft:
Run Ramparts again with Strael and Contrae and a pick-up group. No real reason, other than to see it without the idiocy (yes, PUGing to be less stupid)... and to get that stupid letter that I forgot to pick up (I think dude's corpse was under his dragon).

Farm (bleagh) for a few things with Laheth: Money for flying mount; Honor and Marks for more gear.

Train up Engineering (Strael) and Leatherworking (Laheth). Laheth needs some high-level gear stuff, and Strael needs to get closer to being able to make his zoom-o-copter.

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