Monday, January 28, 2008

What to talk about?

Haven't been playing WoW recently, and that's mostly what I talk about here...
...been working: Just hit a milestone last week.
...been playing 360: We ran through Marvel Ultimate Alliance over the weekend. Goldfire ran as Thor and Ms. Marvel, while I used Deadpool (and occasionally Spiderman) and best-friend ran as Thing.
...beat Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright: And Justice For All recently. That was fun. Now it's on to Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Looks good thus far, but I'm always a fan of going back and exploring more information about characters that I like.
...role-playing hasn't happened in a while, due to Work and Holidays and Football and More Work.

Yeah. I should go back to jotting down ideas to talk about and then writing about them, although I'm sure everybody (all 3 of you) who visit here love hearing about games I've played recently :)

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