Monday, January 7, 2008

Ranting (WoW)

Note: Explicit Lyrics

Why the fuck does anybody camp a corpse? Stop being an asshole and go do something else if a person doesn't respawn in a few minutes. You frustrate my wife and you piss me off.
NOTE: If you're 6+ levels higher than your target then you're not just an asshole, you're a bully. Nobody ever liked the bullies in school. You do know that, don't you? You're the guy who has to reform after a couple years so that you can accomplish anything worthwhile in life.

Assuming Shared Etiquette/Loot-Rules
State what the rules are prior to when they are going to be used. Some people do use the built-in Need/Greed rules even for Bind on Pickup. If you Need it, you fucking click the Need button.
I'm fine using other systems, but don't you get on your damned high fucking horse and yell at my wife for making your own damned assumptions. And if you are the only one pissed off, and everybody else is trying to explain it to you/calm the situation down, and you refuse to listen? Up Yours.

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