Monday, July 23, 2007

Goldfire's introduction

Greetings everyone! This is my first time posting a comment... ever!
A small introduction might be in order... so here I am (the wife). I might have been mentioned a few times previously. Mostly I play a lot of WoW. I have so many alts.... it's kinda scary. I can't even fit them all on one account! Being a housewife has so many perks. We do other things as well but World of Warcraft is the easiest to talk about. I also read and we're fairly social creatures.

This last weekend we celebrated Gauntlet's birthday by playing at royalty and solved a few problems on an island (Princes' Kingdom). I rather enjoyed it although our game will need a few bugs to be worked out. Mostly its a new game to us and new characters that needed a chance to let the personality come out. There were defiantly issues but I still had fun!

Vandren hit level 20 last night and my hunter, Sonnik and her pet dragonhawk Tails, hit level 43 while hunting whelplings! They are several levels above me but seem to do little damage... after playing so many other classes I am constantly surprised at how durable hunters can be. Sonnik and tails have been quite the entertainment. I know that caster pets are not suggested but I just can't help myself! I love the cone attack fire breath (a directional AoE) and the dragonhawks look so very elegant and colorful! Yes... I may be one of those girls who favor fashion and sets that look neat... but at least I go for functionality, too!
Speaking of neat stuffs... I am getting kinda antsy. Gotta go check my auctions!


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I'd love to hear more about your experiences with a dragonhawk at your level. I haven't used one myself yet and although the math on casters seems punitive, I'd love to know how to actually feels in play.