Sunday, July 8, 2007

WoW Character Goals

Snapshot of what I want to accomplish with each of my WoW characters currently:

Laheth and Tusk: (Hunter) I need to spend the gold and do a quick respec of Laheth - he's using a slightly outdated version of the BRK Beast Mastery and Kicking Ass talent build, and being able to drop the full 5 points in Improved Hunter's Mark would make my wife and Tusk happy on the DPS side of things. I'm also tempted to respec Tusk, and see if I can't squeeze some more health at the expense of armor, since he's already a boar.

Starrlia: (Paladin) Due to the dangers of going and mining, and the hand-in-hand destruction of those dangers, Starrlea has managed to sneak ahead to level 44, whilst 'Ia and 'Ya languish in the depths of 43. Whenever we (my wife plays Starrlya) stop enjoying the Outlands (ha!) or our other character pairings, we'll get right on that.

Chimmery: (Mage) My most social character has been in the low 30s for months. I'd love to get him up to 40 so he can run around on a little mechanostrider and make motor noises, but it's really not a very high priority. Being squishy (albeit very blasty) doesn't inspire me to level him.

Saryss: (Rogue) She's doing well in the low 20s, for when other people around that level want to play.

Ashcraft: (Warlock) I'll actually be playing her later today, once I've finished up a couple things that I'm allowed to do right now with Laheth. Her goal is to get through all the Bloodmyst Isle quests and hopefully hit around 20, and then I'll fly her around the world to get her next summon.

Djellin: (Warrior) Another coupled character. We're aiming for Arathi Highlands and Hillsbrad with them.

Stray: (Druid) My newest character. Lowest level. Paired with another of my wife's creations. Only goal is to play as a feral druid, so I guess we aim for level 10 for now.

All Those Horde Characters: (Paladin, Rogue, Hunter) Plain old levelling... and since there is only a poorly-defined goal, coupled with friends playing Alliance and my strongest pull characters also being Alliance, I think they're going to languish in their beautiful magical city of awe and wonder, craving their magical fix.

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