Friday, July 20, 2007

What's up in WoW?

So, this week hasn't seen much WoW playing going on for me... Stray and Kritter (my wife's feral) hit 12 one night... I pushed Vandren (and his boar Sucha) up to 18 because he was close and I had a few minutes one morning. Otherwise not much.

My adorable wife got her Blood Elf Hunter (also Beast Mastery ^_^) from 36 to 42, grabbed a purple Chocobo (they call 'em Cockatrices, but they're not fooling me) and some mail armor, and is happily running around being surprised at her effectiveness.
She also is now running with a pet attack/hunter's mark macro and a pull macro, which will hopefully serve her pretty well.

And now, I think it's nearing the end of this build, so it's time to turn to my other monitor and get some stuff done.

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