Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend Happenings In Azeroth (July 7/8)

In addition to what I said last post, Ashcraft also managed to (with the help of a delightful arachnophobic Draenei) down Razormaw and finish off a couple of other quests, pushing all the way up to level 20. Now her little demonically-powered self gets to sit in an inn until she's full up on rest experience, or gets antsy.

And then we played the Paladin Triplets and got Starrlia and Starrlya up to 44, by running through Razorfen Downs a couple of times (drop your helmet again, you stupid lich!).

Otherwise not much happened. Really. At least, in Azeroth. There's always Earth, you know. We play there sometimes too.

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