Monday, July 2, 2007

Knights of Justice (and Others)

Regardless of the fact that nobody knows about this blog yet, I'm going to go ahead and introduce some of the characters that I play in World of Warcraft... largely because I like making lists, dammit.

Server: Scarlet Crusade
Alignment: Alliance
  • Laheth and Tusk
    • Level 63 Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter, and my primary character.
    • Saved from a life of mediocrity by Big Red Kitty's blog... until I swapped from Marksman to Beast Mastery, my soloing was not very fun, and since that's what I mostly did, he sat on the shelf level-wise for a long while.
  • Starrlia
    • Early 40s Human Protection Paladin. Specifically created for grouping with two other characters (Starrlya and Starrlea)
  • Chimmery
    • Early 30s Gnome Mage. Currently Arcane specialized, although that could change at any time.
    • Far and away my most social character, but also a character who I don't level much... I think he broke 30 before the Burning Crusade hit, to give you an idea.
  • Saryss
    • Early 20s Night Elf Rogue. Combat specialized, and an absolute blast to play on rare occasion... I usually like grouping with somebody else so I can backstab over and over and over again. There's something strangely satisfying about that.
  • Ashcraft
    • Late teens Gnome Warlock. She's affliction right now, but I'm going to do some research and see if I wouldn't like Demonology more (especially given how much fun I'm having as a Beast Mastery hunter).
  • Djellin
    • Late 20s Draenei Warrior. Protection spec'd, and intrinsically tied to a couple other characters when it comes time to playing. We (my wife and I) do that a fair amount.
  • Stray
    • I think she's level 3? My wife and I made near-identical Night Elf Druids that we plan on running together as ferals. Should be a blast, as well as a breeze (she played another druid up to 64, switching between resto and balance).

Alignment: Horde
  • Strael
    • Early 30s Blood Elf Paladin. Currently running a hybrid holy/protection spec, but am tempted to make him a retnoob to level. Technically my primary horde character, but I haven't played him in quite a whiles.
  • Vandren and Sucha
    • Late teens Blood Elf Hunter. Beast Mastery. Another boar-partner (this one's black!)
  • Lilindra
    • Blood Elf Rogue... fairly similar to Saryss, except she's horde ^_^

Yeah... that's all of them. I'm an altaholic... and I like elves.
In my defense, my first character ever was on another server, and he was an undead rogue... and I think I've had and deleted one of every race at some point.


BRK said...

Somebody knows you're here. :)

Gauntlet said...

Feign Death!

Now if only I could teach my pet to Play Dead too.