Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Week in WoW

Laheth and Tusk ran around Zangarmarsh and beat up the indigenous and non-indigenous inhabitants for pretty much anybody that asked. Quite mercenary, but hey! They're clearly labelled as villains, be it through quest text or action. No level yet, but I got to play with my lovely wife, which is far better than any advancement.

Yesterday Chimmery ran through Gnomeregan with his brother Tremmery (another of my wife's characters) and a PUG. The last guy dropped a very nice ring, which we both rolled too low for, but it didn't matter, since we unknowingly had a ninja, who took it and then claimed to be a noob and not know what he was doing. According to our healer who was in his guild, he's done it every instance he's run before, so we're calling bullshit on that one.

Ashcraft has enslaved another helpful demon after doing all she could for them Bloodmyst folk. Her new succubus has a pretty neat name which escapes me right now. Oh, and I respecced her for pure demonology, to see if I prefer it over the affliction-ness. Side-note: She needs a new dress.

Stray and her near-twin (played by my wife - see a trend?) hit 10 and pranced off to see a bear about a bear form. We've already diverged in our Feral choices, because she digs DPS, and I dig tanking. I should probably check out some builds and theorycrafting for them.

...and I think that's all I've done this last week. I'll probably accomplish even less this week.

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