Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Goldfire's Pets

I am gonna say first off... Petopia has been a wonderful resource for me. Most of my other hunter hints have come from Gauntlet. Yes, I know he gets most of it from the Big Red Kitty blog and other such sites. We adapt the helpful hints into what works best for our personal needs.

So, I'm not really an experienced Hunter but I know what I like... even if my reasons are weak. I am not so much a number cruncher as a trial and error player. I pick my talents off what I wish to play with and what I use the most. I prefer arms warriors, DPS shamans, combat rogues, pet hunters, demon warlocks, holy pallys, holy priests, resto druids (balance for leveling), and arcane mages. And yes... I have tried just about every other talent tree as well. These are just what I like and prefer. Keep in mind I am a very social creature and often play in groups.

I have tried a few different pet types and I honestly enjoy playing with my dragonhawk. They are exotic and elegant. I love the flying pet types in general... including the non-combat pet types. Tails seems to have a faster focus recharge and the flame breath is beyond awesome. It is an AoE attack (and I always have a soft spot for AoEs) that stays at rank one till lvl 55-ish. That means I have more points to spend on natural armor and stamina than the standard pet attack. I have yet to encounter anything within five levels of myself that my dragonhawk can not kill. Also, I have not yet dealt with anything that has fire immunities. That might help.

Pigs are nice because they eat just about everything you can find and the charge attack is very stunning. Laheth switched to a boar after I tried mine and he seems to like it.
Laheth had a kitty for the first 55 levels, so I wanted to give it a try. I recently caught King B in STV and have been using him for the last couple of days so I can compare the most popular DPS pet to my dragonhawk.
The kitty (I named him Backup) hasn't earned enough training points to get all the ranks available in stamina, armor, avoidance, reflexes, growl, scratch, bite, and dash... he is higher level than Tails and they are both best friends. Tails can afford all of the above with a few points left over (swapping dive for dash and fire breath for scratch). We were going to play with the pet number cruncher on Petopia later to figure it out. My best guess is that Tails can afford it cuz of the fire breath rank one scales damage with levels without having to buy more ranks.

I have caught other pets in the past to learn skills but nothing has stuck with me as my dragonhawk has. I am big into style and being different. I enjoy having rare things. Few people have dragonhawks and people ask me about it all the time. I figure mostly cuz of the requirement to have picked it up outside of Silvermoon and trained it up from level 9. I knew when I made my hunter that I wanted a dragonhawk so I had no issues with leveling it!

Wow... get me talking and I ramble for a while...
Sorry about the length! ^_^

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