Monday, July 16, 2007

This Blog Is My Blog, This Blog Ain't Your Blog...

Yeah, I said that I was going to probably talk about stuff other than WoW on this blog, and I haven't done it much. Know what? Too bad. I don't want to talk about my personal life (I had a LiveJournal account before (still do, but I don't update it)), and work is tightly under Non-Disclosure Agreements... pretty much all I can about that is where I work and what platforms we develop for (Foundation 9 Studios / Amaze Entertainment / Griptonite; Primarily Nintendo DS currently).

I guess I can give a tidbit of information regarding non WoW stuff though. I've been reading over The Princes Kingdom, and I plan on running a trial to learn the rules and then hopefully an actual game this weekend. We have a group of folks (all friends) who we play roleplaying games together with, but at some point it became a sole member's role to be the Game Master. Which is a shame. He's a great guy, and a great GM (he was my Best Man, and his speech at our wedding was about pen and paper games), but he's been wanting to play in something for a while. A few of our other friends ran games, but they've all had issues (Ah, Fallout. What an appropriate name for our group dynamic, as well as a witty pun about how to gain pertinent information: Drop out of the campaign for a bit).

So I'm taking it on myself to try running something. I'm fairly quick on my feet, I can be engaging enough in conversation, and I wouldn't mind being the leader sometimes. My only real fear is that it won't be fun, and it will be my fault. Which could be construed as being silly, but it's a big deal. Everybody will be there to have fun and hang out, and they are all really good friends who I hate to disappoint.

I had a talk with my friend about it (The Best Man, for lack of a better name that wouldn't link his online presence or mine to this blog), and I'm better mentally prepared for it... but now I'm in the middle of an alpha crunch, and am not sure if we can pull off the trial run before the main event. Maybe I'll try it the morning before the game, if I'm still working late by Thursday (Friday is always taken).

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